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colorado rockhounding peak to peak - welcome to the web page that reflects on some of my rockhounding journeys in the great state of colorado usa the purpose of this web page is to explain what types of minerals can be found in colorado, colorado rockhounding a guide to minerals amazon com - buy colorado rockhounding a guide to minerals gemstones and fossils rock collecting on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, salida colorado rockhounding and mineral collecting in the - the state of colorado ranks as one of the most strongly mineralized areas in the world in the united states colorado is surpassed only by california in the variety of minerals to be found within its borders, rockhounding colorado gator girl rocks - rockhounding colorado colorado is an extraordinary state for rockhounding, colorado rockhounding by stephen m voynick goodreads - colorado rockhounding is your complete guide to the state s rich and varied mineral gemstone and fossil sources in colorado rockhounds may pick agate and petrified wood from the vast great plains follow dinosaur tracks on hogback ridges pan gold in mountain streams hunt gemstones on towering peaks and search for metal sulfide minerals, colorado rockhounding public group facebook - colorado rockhounding has 638 members group for anyone but mostly those interested in or living in colorado concerning q a of rocks gems and rock, our trip to colorado with the great floods rockhounding - we got stuck for 5 hours in the rain but we made it alot of driving but wound up with great fluorite, information on public rockhounding locations colorado - hello i moved to colorado two summers ago after having some experiance on the east coast and in arkansas i saw wonderful opportunity to experiance colorado s beautiful scenary while henting for whatever elusive rocks minerals i could, collecting tourmaline in colorado where to find rocks - the brown derby 1 pegmatite gunnison county colorado an unusual lct type pegmatite with rubellite tourmaline lepidolite and rare earth element species, rockhounding in colorado where to find geodes - colorado offers an abundance of minerals gemstones crystals and fossils to anyone willing to go out and look for them for the casual collector or the obsessed amateur there s a little something for everyone just about everywhere, rockhounding in south central colorado peak to peak - home colorado rockhounding south central colorado search our database by selecting an item from one of the lists below location and county mineral, rockhounding colorado mica pink feldspar tourmaline - headed out to the mica mine trail in the bangs canyon recreation area to hunt some tourmaline and other stuff pretty good day check out what i found